Our Story
Brainchild of Paul "Diddy" Darnell, Tempest Freerunning was born in VA and raised in L.A. In 2007 Diddy linked up with Victor "Showtime" Lopez, Rich "Dickie Boy" King, and Gabe "Jaywalker" Nunez to create a team that would apply the power and force of a storm towards their passion for Freerunning. With nothing more than a camera and a bag of new tricks, Tempest set out to make a mark in the Freerunning world by adding style, creativity, and dedicated focus to the sport. Following an extremely notable showing in the first ever Red Bull Art of Motion, along with the release of I FREERUN LA  and a  TEMPEST PRO REEL, the team saw rapid growth. Tempest began recruiting top notch athletes who proudly carry the name by challenging the norm with a LIVE FREE RUN WILD attitude. We have since grown into a vibrant young action sports company dedicated to the growth and spread of Freerunning. We share our love for Freerun culture by teaching in our academies, providing functional Freerun fashion through our Apparel line, sharing creative content from our media house, and ultimately living by our slogan of TRÜ FREEDOM.