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The first ever shoe by Tempest Freerunning not only functions extremely well, but it’s focus on style brings some well needed flavor to the Freerun shoe game.

From the Aqua blue inner, to the outer grey-scaled fins, the #orangebottoms are cleverly inspired by our favorite underwater creature.

Dip your feet into the flow and experience the soul(sole) of the Goldfish.

* NOTE: there are no half sizes at this time. We recommend ordering the next size down from any half sizes you would normally wear.

Adapt Sweatshirt (grey)
$58.00 $34.00
Adapt Sweatshirt (white)
$58.00 $34.00
Rivals Cut Off (white)
$38.00 $26.00
Run Wild Jogger (white)
$62.00 $38.00
Run Wild Shorts (grey)
$44.00 $28.00